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Cyprus Film Industry

Strategically located at the eastern end of Europe, Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is in close proximity to diverse civilizations and settings.

Cyprus has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with at least 325 days of sunshine and good weather per year, making it one of the best climates worldwide and an ideal year-round destination.

The Republic of Cyprus is now a desirable film destination with a package of incentives offered by the government. Film production companies have the option to receive a cash rebate up to 45%  or tax credit, and can also enjoy tax reductions on equipment and infrastructure investments, as well as recover VAT expenses. Come and experience the beauty and benefits of filming in Cyprus!

The island of Cyprus offers a diverse range of landscapes for film production, including stunning coastlines, golden sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and glorious mountains of wild natural beauty.
The peaceful and picturesque villages throughout the island also contribute to the unique natural film studio that Cyprus offers. Over the years, the island's character has been shaped by the various civilizations that have ruled it, from Stone Age settlements to a modern European Union State. This rich history provides a variety of locations to cater to different film production needs.

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