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Cyprus Becomes the Stage for Thrilling New American Film "Entropy"


Cyprus is buzzing with excitement as filming begins for the highly anticipated American thriller, "Entropy," directed by the visionary Vadim Bolbot. The film, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Cyprus' most picturesque locations, promises an electrifying plot filled with intriguing twists and dynamic scenes.

A Gripping Plot Unfolds

"Entropy" centers around Emi Thorn, the daughter of America's most infamous mass murderer. Returning to her hometown in search of inspiration for her new book, Emi is thrust into a tumultuous journey as she confronts her traumatic past. The plot thickens when Emi and her pursuers are caught in a space-time rift, catapulting them back to the fateful day her father committed his horrific crimes. This day becomes the epicenter of a series of bloody events, where a religious cult falls prey to its own rituals, creating a harrowing and suspenseful narrative.

Director's Unique Vision

Vadim Bolbot’s direction aims to captivate audiences while exploring profound themes of destiny and fate. Unlike typical time-travel movies where attempts to change the past are futile, "Entropy" presents a protagonist determined to challenge her destiny and reshape her life. Bolbot's innovative approach is expected to leave audiences pondering the possibility of altering one's fate.

Stunning Filming Locations

The production of "Entropy" is taking full advantage of Cyprus' unique landscapes. The Troodos Mountains serve as the primary location for the film’s forest scenes, providing an atmospheric and haunting setting. A significant portion of the movie will also be shot in the "Avakas" cave near Paphos, which will act as the mystical portal for time travel. The cave's distinctive natural formations offer a perfect backdrop for the film’s supernatural elements.

Stellar Cast and Crew

Inya Zalta is under consideration for the lead role of Emi. Known for her performances in "Follow Me" (2020) and "Celebrity Stalker" (2020), Zalta’s ability to convey deep emotions and her physical readiness make her an ideal choice for this complex character. Tyler Tackett, a celebrated stuntman and independent film actor, is being considered for the role of Emi’s father, promising a powerful portrayal of this pivotal character.

"Entropy" boasts an international cast, including talents from the USA, France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Slovenia. This diverse ensemble brings a wealth of talent and a variety of acting styles, enriching the film's narrative and broadening its global appeal.

High-Caliber Production

Produced by the experienced Tatiana Magnitskaya, "Entropy" is backed by a high level of professionalism and expertise. Magnitskaya’s extensive background in film production and the media business ensures a seamless and polished production process.

Festival Circuit and Release Plans

The filmmakers plan to showcase "Entropy" at several major film festivals and markets in 2025, including the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) in Belgium and the American Film Market (AFM) in the USA. These platforms will provide a significant opportunity for the film to garner international attention and acclaim.

A Landmark Project

"Entropy" is shaping up to be an ambitious project that combines a compelling storyline, exceptional acting, and innovative direction. The decision to film in Cyprus, coupled with the participation of a talented international team, positions "Entropy" as a standout event in the world of independent cinema. As the film progresses, anticipation continues to build for what promises to be a thrilling cinematic experience.

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